Dare to Be Different

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Dare to Be Different

Don’t be scared to be different in business or even in your life. People like Richard Branson from Virgin and Steve Jobs from Apple have done things differently. Fifteen years ago, they dared to be different. People thought they were mad. Some of their ideas might have been laughed at but now they are smashing it. They are considered innovators.

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You don’t want to be boring. It’s like going to a restaurant. You don’t want to have the same meal every time. You may as well stay home. You go to a restaurant to try something new, something you wouldn’t cook at home.

Be an innovator, a leader in your industry. It’s so easy to be boring in business. I looked at my own industry over the years and I asked myself, How can I do things differently in my business? Now I ask myself this same question for everything that I do. Being different can be lonely but you don’t want to be the same as everyone else. You can’t be all things to all people in life and business. You’d rather to be in a position to rise above the pack, rather than just be like everyone else.

Remember to ask yourself, are you daring to be different in your business?

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